Enjoy the feeling of a clear mind and relaxed body with massage therapy. This hands-on technique has been used for centuries to increase circulation, reduce stress, relieve tension, improve sleep and promote relaxation. 

Research continues to grow on how therapeutic massages may also help with:

» Anxiety

» Digestive disorders

» Fibromyalgia

» Headaches

» Myofascial pain syndrome

» Soft tissue strains/injuries

» Temporomandibular (TMJ) joint pain

» Sports injuries

Our certified, knowledgeable massage therapist offer his/her personal attention and a variety of services to meet your health and wellness needs. 

» Therapeutic Massage

» Stretching

» Trigger point

» Deep Tissue Massage

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As a massage therapist, Brittany utilizes her nearly 10 years of functional anatomy and yoga experience to intuitively notice what's going on in the body. She takes a truly therapeutic approach to help you minimize pain and increase mobility by customizing massage techniques to specific needs. Whether your shoulders are stiff or you're just managing a bit too much stress, it is her passion to help you cultivate a greater quality of life.