What is microcurrent? 

It is small electrical pulses that trigger a firming and tightening response to the skin. This stimulation becomes a cumulative effect low level of current to the areas of concern which gives a favorable reaction at the skin’s cellular level, giving skin a vibrant, more youthful appearance.

Microcurrent Benefits If used correctly, microcurrent is non-invasive, progressive – not aggressive, will help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, will help to redefine the neck, jowls, cheeks and eye areas. Microcurrent is popular because it helps to sculpt and re-educate your facial muscles!  Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP plays an important part in the process of giving life back to your facial muscles.  Simply put, it is used in cells as a coenzyme, which means it transports energy within the cells. 

This is important because microcurrent, as we know it, is known for its ability to reeducate the muscles of the face and muscles are dependent on ATP for muscle contraction. Microcurrent stimulates ATP production. It can increase ATP as much as 500% which makes microcurrent the king of the hill when stimulating ATP to help build muscle strength which helps to firm and tighten the skin!   Microcurrent helps to rejuvenate skin tissue, helps with the regeneration of bone and soft tissue injuries too.

I know many of my clients do not want to go under the ‘knife’ or don’t want to use injectable fillers etc., then microcurrent might be their answer!  How about a ' Microcurrent face lift’.  It will redefine and lift the jowls, eyebrows, tighten the neck, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps to reduce facial puffiness, improves facial circulation, evens out skin tone and helps with product penetration. It will help boost the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. At the University of Washington, they performed clinical trials measuring the benefits of Microcurrent to the face. 

Research has shown it will increase:

  • Collagen by 14%

  • Elastin by 48%

  • Blood Circulation by 38%

Thereby increasing production of ATP which helps with cellular repair. For optimal results a series of treatments once a week for 4 weeks with maintenance of once or twice a month.

Sign me up! Being in my 50's, I would much rather receive a series of Microcurrent treatments, as well as exercise, eat well and try to live a clean life (with an occasional glass of Malbec paired with some exquisite cheese and crackers every now and then), then go under the knife and pay lots of money for fillers that we don’t know how they will affect skin later in life or even the possibility that we are allergic to them. 

So let’s say that you opted for the surgical face lift. If used correctly, microcurrent treatments post-surgery will help to accelerate the healing process.  Some clients may experience a loss of nerve function and/or feeling after surgery, Microcurrent can help to reduce the time it takes for the feeling to come back to the areas of concern. Microcurrent will also help extend the life of your surgical facelift, which could save you money and possibly having another facelift later in life!! 

Younger skin can benefit from Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation as well. This will slow the signs of premature aging, maintaining a firm and lifted look. For all skin, add to The Custom Facial or The Infusion and results will be boosted. Acne and Rosacea can also be helped using microcurrent techniques.

For brides to be, and special events, consider 2 treatments before the big day or night. One at two weeks prior and the second at two days prior. You’ll love how you glow!

1 hour and 15 minute treatment | $130

Revitapen FACIAL

This non-invasive device will enhance product absorption to create visible and instant results. Unique sphere-shaped tips create micro-channels in the skin allowing active ingredients to be driven deeper for optimal skin restoration.


  • Gentle exfoliation

  • For all skin types and conditions

  • Increase hydration

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots

  • Improve texture of skin, diminish scar tissue

  • Reduce blemishes, inflammation and pigmentation

The Revitalizing Facial offers immediate and long term results, to enhance product absorption and drive active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal skin restoration. The enhanced treatment stimulates circulation, softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration levels and control breakouts. RECOMMENDED FOR: All skin types, except inflamed or open breakouts.

What to Expect After RevitaPen Facial

Days 1 - 4 The skin will be tighter, firmer, plumper and will look radiant. The client mayfeel dryness as the stratum corneum experiences a gentle exfoliation.

Days 5 - 7 More specific results of the facial will be seen. More evenly toned, firmer skinas well as positive results of their targeted skin concern.

RevitaPen with Other Modalities

RevitaPen Partnered with LED Light Therapy 

LED will stimulate the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which will help give skin a plump look. By using RevitaPen first, followed by LED, you will have the opportunity to boost results.

RevitaPen Partnered with Microcurrent: 

Microcurrent triggers the body’s ability to produce amino acids and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and exercises the muscles in the face. RevitaPen and Microcurrent are highly complimentary services producing amazing results in the skin.


This non-acid based chemical peel improves skin tone and texture while restoring balance. It is an effective natural alternative to improving the appearance of acne and acne scarring without any downtime.  


Illuminating Vitality as nature intended! 

Celluma light therapy mimics a natural photo biochemical reaction process to deliver safe, UV free low level light energy through an FDA cleared, high intensity LED device. Use Celluma to regain and maintain your body's natural vitality without the dangerous side effects often associated with drugs and topicals. 

Designed to address a multiple of SKIN CONDITIONS and MUSCULOSKELETAL CONDITIONS !


  • diminish acne bacteria

  • clears existing breakouts

  • restores healthy skin


  • increases collagen and elastin production

  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • improves skin's firmness and resilience


  • reduces inflammation and increases circulation

  • relieves arthritic, muscle and joint pain

  • reduces stiffness and muscle spasms

Skin Classic


An exciting new treatment for removal of those annoying minor skin irregularities. Without Painful and Expensive Lasers. The SKIN CLASSIC uses high frequency technology for the rapid treatment of minor skin irregularities such as spider veins, cherry angeomas, fibromas, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, milia, clogged pores, acne pimples, and sebaceous hyperplasia. Skin Classic treatments are quick and may not even touch the surface of the skin. Small skin tags or blood spots disappear immediately and hyperpigmented areas such as "liver" or "age" spots take only a few seconds. There is minimal discomfort and healing time is short.

30 minute treatment | $150
1 hour treatment | $300
Single irregularity | $25


Sit back and enjoy a luxurious facial that improves skin clarity, elasticity, texture and overall health. Each facial is customized to your skin type to encourage detoxification and speed up cell metabloism. 


Custom signature facial

A wonderful luxurious facial that improves skin clarity, elasticity, texture and overall health. This facial is customized to each client to encourage detoxification and help to speed cell metabolism.

60 minutes | $90

Acne treatments

Your acne specialist will assess what type of treatment your skin needs when you come in. Also, they will assess how your home care retiming will be adjusted so that your skin does not over- adapt and stop responding.

We will want to see you every two weeks for an acne treatment. It typically takes about six to eight services over a 3-4 month period of time to get you mostly to completely clear.

As you get clear, your treatments will become shorter- there just won't be as many extractions to do.  After your acne is under control, my oh will simply need to maintain your home are products to keep clear.

45 minutes | $75

Acne treatment series

Buy 5 get 1 free | $375.00


An advanced procedure for exfoliating the outer layer of your skin(called the epidermis) 
And removing the fine vellus hair(peach fuzz) on your face.
40 minutes | $50
Add on to facial $20


Say goodbye to acne-prone skin! We'll assess your skin to find the best treatment, allowing our acne specialist to help you achieve clear skin without the need for prescription medicine or harsh topical products.


Enjoy the feeling of a clear mind and relaxed body with massage therapy. This hands-on technique has been used for centuries to increase circulation, reduce stress, relieve tension, improve sleep and promote relaxation.

60 minute massage | $95
90 minute massage | $135
120 minute massage | $160


Relax, breathe, restore. Dry salt therapy (Halotherapy) has been used for hundreds of years as a natural and safe alternative for respiratory and skin conditions. As you sit in our room filled with tons of salt, the dry, micro, pure salt particles go deep into the respiratory system, reducing inflammation and absorbing mucus in the airways.

Halotherapy session | $30